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Personal Injury

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Woman With a Hand Injured Personal injury law is the branch of civil litigation that addresses cases involving injuries caused by negligence and wrongful death, either actual or assumed, on behalf of another party.

These claims can be brought to court for any number of reasons but typically fall under the categories of: Car Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Medical Malpractice, and Defective Products. If you have suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s irresponsible actions and failure to follow through on a responsibility, contact the Parra Law Firm Today to know what you are entitled to.

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Do you have a personal injury claim? The Parra Law Firm provides individualized attention to all of our clients, which is why we’re so successful. We’ll make sure that your medical bills are paid and get the compensation you deserve without hurting your finances in any way!

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common personal injury claims in San Antonio, Texas. The cases can be extremely complex due to a wide variety of factors – like insurance coverages (or lack thereof), and State laws regarding damages for specific injuries. Learn more

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents happen more often than you think. The number one cause of these injuries is a wet floor, which makes surfaces slippery to walk on. Most of these cases end up being pretty serious because at some point you might miss a lot of work or incur expensive medical bills from all those missed shifts. Contact our experienced team today.

Medical Malpractice

It is commonly referred to as Medical Malpractice, when a patient is injured due to negligent care by a medical doctor, health care professional, or hospital. The cases for Medical Malpractice can go from minor injuries that heal on their own, all the way up to severe cases where a health service provider’s negligence could result in death.

Defective Products

Also known as Product liability cases, refers to cases where defective goods caused harm to the end-user. The fault of the product can then be traced back to companies that made or sold them in the first place and should provide compensation for those affected by their faulty merchandise.

If your life has been turned upside down by another party’s negligence or carelessness contact the Parra Law Firm today!

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"Rosendo Parra helped me finish a long-time case I’ve been trying to wrap up for years. He was completely understanding, professional and worked very diligently to the end and I’m so grateful! Highly recommend” Jason S.
"Hands down the best law firm out there. They stuck through a very difficult divorce and child custody case with me. I had battled for years. I would recommend anyone of the attorney's in this firm. They look out for your best interests and have your back the entire time. Thank you again Parra Law for absolutely everything" Susan D.