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Comprehensive Planning For The Future

Estate planning and probate are commonly complicated areas of law. If you are trying to protect their assets in the future, you will need a rock-solid estate plan to defend your best wishes. If a loved one has passed one, you will likely need guidance to resolve the needs of their estate.

No matter what your estate planning or probate needs are, Parra Law Firm, PLLC, is a one-stop-shop for all your estate planning and probate needs. Each of these areas has its own challenges, which our guidance can help you overcome.

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How We Help With Estate Planning

We can help you with everything from drafting wills to creating advanced succession plans. We will provide the best legal representation in the event of incompetent guardianship proceedings involving minors and incapacitated adults alike.

Our goal as your estate planning representation is to minimize the complications in your estate planning while also developing a plan that accurately reflects your specific desires.

Guidance Through Probate

Resolving a loved one’s estate can be a complex process, and probate rarely makes things easier. After someone’s death, it’s important to make sure that their estate and owned assets are distributed in accordance with the instructions written in the person’s Will. The probate process ensures this by appointing an executor and listing all property items so they can be dispersed appropriately.

There are some exceptions to probate in Texas, including:

  • Estates valued at less than $75,000, not including the value of the house, where the decedent died without a will and the judge approves by court order a Small Estate Affidavit.
  • Assets that pass by contract or other direct transfer, such as proceeds from a life insurance claim, survivor’s benefits from an annuity, lady bird deeds to transfer real estate and trust assets.

With the experienced guidance from the Parra Law Firm, PLLC, attorneys, Texas probate is a quick and simple process that will allow you to gather assets, negotiate debts, or transfer wealth among your beneficiaries in a simple and efficient way.

Our Experience Is Here For You

Whether you are trying to create an estate plan or resolve someone else’s, make sure you have the legal guidance you need to resolve things on your terms and on time. Contact our San Antonio office by calling 210-960-8766 or emailing us here and schedule your free initial consultation today.