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Drug Crimes

Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crime Charges in Texas

Texas, like most states, takes drug crimes very seriously. Don't delay contacting The Parra Law Firm to defend your freedom and future.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Drug arrests in Texas are defined within two completely separate jurisdictions – federal or state drug laws – and require different defense strategies as the severity of the penalties may vary greatly depending on what type of drug charges are in question.

The penalties for a conviction depend on the type of drug, amount, and location. Besides the commonly recognized illegal drugs, drug crime charges can also involve legal substances used in an illegal manner, such as vast quantities of prescribed medication. Contact our Drug Crime lawyers today for a consultation.

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What Are Those Considered Illegal Substances in Texas?

Drug Crimes Illegal substances are those that the government has declared as being prohibited. If you possess, distribute, or manufacture something not included on this list of outlawed items, then it is legal and cannot be subject to arrest for these actions alone. Despite the penalties for violations vary depending on individual circumstances, there are certain categories of drugs that have been deemed illegal under both state and federal law, as defined in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)’s 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment:

  1. Controlled Prescription Drugs (CPDs): described as the “second most commonly abused substance in the United States,” these “misused pain relievers are most frequently obtained from a friend or relative.”
  2. Heroin: Heroin alone as well as heroin mixed with fentanyl is readily available in Texas, supplied by Mexican operations that “supply high-purity, low-cost heroin, even as U.S. demand has continued to increase.”
  3. Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids: Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are “the most lethal category of opioids used in the United States” with fentanyl being sold both on its own (no mixing with any other controlled substance, like heroin) as well as packaged as counterfeit prescription pills.
  4. Cocaine: Cocaine use has “rebounded” and the federal government warns past-year cocaine-involved overdose deaths exceeded 2007 benchmark levels.
  5. Methamphetamine: Methamphetamine remains “prevalent and widely available,” with most of the methamphetamine being produced in Mexico, while seizures of domestic methamphetamine laboratories have “declined steadily for many years.”
  6. Marijuana: Marijuana remains the “most commonly used illicit drug in the United States.” Mexico remains the “most significant foreign source” for marijuana while domestic marijuana production continues to increase as does marijuana-related products.
  7. New Psychoactive Substances (NPS): These are new synthetic drugs, such as synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones usually originating in China, while “traffickers experiment with new and unregulated substances.”

Our San Antonio Drug Crime Attorneys will work diligently to evaluate and design the necessary strategy to better represent your specific situation. Call us today at (210) 332-5454 or schedule a consultation online.

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