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What are the most dangerous roads for Texas drivers?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Personal Injury

There are hundreds of collisions in Texas on any given day. Most of those crashes result primarily in property damage, although some are more severe. Collisions may leave people with major expenses related to vehicle repairs and sometimes in need of medical treatment. The worst cases may leave people with permanent injuries that affect their income or cause premature deaths.

People never know when they might encounter someone with unsafe driving habits and get into a crash, but there are certain locations where the risk of such experiences will be higher. Statistically, some roads in Texas are deadlier than others. What are the most dangerous roads in Texas in recent years?

The deadliest roads are all highways

Higher speed limits and heavier traffic levels make highways and interstates some of the most dangerous roads in the Lone Star State. Often, the areas where these major thoroughfares pass through urban centers will be some of the most dangerous places.

According to a review of crash data gathered between 2018 and 2020, there were 10,125 deadly crashes during that time. The good news for those in the San Antonio area is that none of the 10 deadliest roads in the state during those years were local. I-20 is the third deadliest road on the list, specifically between Exit 443 and Exit 439, where 14 people lost their lives.

Technically, I-20 was in fourth place because different stretches of I-35 in Austin took second and third place respectively. There were 15 deaths on the section of I-35 between Exit 235B and Exit 229 and 18 deaths reported between Exit 238B and Exit 244. The deadliest road in the state is a stretch of I-10 in Beaumont. There were 17 traffic deaths between Exit 855A and Exit 849 during the three years with data reviewed.

How can this information help drivers?

San Antonio drivers should not develop a false sense of safety just because there aren’t any particularly deadly roads in the city. They are still at risk of a severe or fatal crash whenever they drive, especially if they leave the region and end up on one of the interstates mentioned above as having a high number of fatal crashes.

Motorists need to adjust their driving habits to prioritize safety on more dangerous roads or to avoid the streets with higher crash rates might keep themselves and the occupants of their vehicles a little bit safer. Recognizing where someone’s risk on the road is highest might help individuals take some of the danger out of driving in Texas.