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How parents can have a child-centered divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is sometimes the only remaining option for married couples with children in Texas. While a divorce may be unavoidable, parents choose how to handle the post-divorce process. Some of them choose a child-centered divorce.

Speak with your children

In a child-centered divorce, parents put children’s needs above their own. You and your estranged spouse can do this by having divorce-related discussions with your children. These talks let parents learn a child’s preferred arrangements.

Try to avoid court disputes

Legal proceedings must happen for a marriage to end. But a divorce doesn’t have to be a contentious process. Many couples going through a child-centered divorce do so through a collaborative divorce or mediation. These options can provide a relatively quick divorce for estranged couples who can work together.

Decide on living arrangements

After most divorces, a child’s parents stop living under one roof. In a child-centered divorce, some parents continue living in the marital home. While it’s not an arrangement all former couples are comfortable with, having both parents in the same house can benefit children. This arrangement also minimizes children moving from one parent’s home to another.

Stick to the plan

Divorcing couples with children often create plans. These plans can detail when one parent spends time with their child, holiday arrangements and other information. As time goes on, ensure that you and your other parent stick to previously made arrangements. Sudden and stressful disruptions can make the post-divorce process tough on your child.

How parents navigate life after divorce can have a profound impact on children. This time can also form your child’s opinions about future relationships. While it takes time and effort, working with your ex-spouse makes life easier for your children.