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4 of the most common road dangers that injure people

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Personal Injury

The road can be a very dangerous place for those who are traveling in vehicles and pedestrians alike. Crashes are just a fact of life in modern Texas, as accidents occur all throughout the year and at even in the most rural locations.

Many factors influence the likelihood of a collision, including weather, road conditions, vehicle maintenance and driver conduct. Some influences have a very strong association with severe and even fatal motor vehicle collisions. Although motor vehicle wrecks occur for a variety of reasons, these are the four most pressing and common issues that lead to modern wrecks.

1. Impaired driving

Despite public awareness regarding the inherent dangers of intoxication at the wheel, plenty of people still drive after drinking or consuming mind-altering drugs. Impaired drivers are responsible for a significant portion of crashes every year, including a large number of fatal collisions. In Texas, state crash statistics indicate that someone dies in a drunk driving collision roughly every eight hours and 31 minutes.

2. Distracted driving

Distraction has always been a risk, as people can get into conversations with their passengers or gawk at unsightly roadside attractions instead of focusing on the road ahead of them. Mobile phones have only worsened the risk of distraction, creating a compulsive need in many people to check their devices whenever a notification sounds. Distraction caused by mobile devices, eating at the wheel and other vehicle occupants is a top cause of modern crashes.

3. Fatigued driving

It is quite common for people to not get enough rest on a day-to-day basis. Those who have gone a long time without sleep frequently show the same kind of impairment as intoxicated drivers and will have a hard time staying awake, making good decisions and reacting quickly. They might also fall asleep at the wheel, which would lead to them losing control of the vehicle.

4. Excessive speed

Speeding is one of the most common traffic infractions. Many drivers think there’s little risk in exceeding the posted speed limit, but crash risk increases as speeds increase in many cases. The speed limit isn’t the only consideration. Drivers also need to know when to slow down because of weather issues that may make driving at faster speeds more dangerous.

Sadly, many people don’t think about the risk that they’re exposing themselves and others to when making choices about how they are going to approach the task of driving. Learning about and properly mitigating known causes of car crashes can help people to stay safer on the road. With that said, self-education won’t be enough in the wake of an injurious crash. Under these circumstances, it is important to seek legal guidance.